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Venice Biennale 2010, “Beyond 2050″

Late 2009: the RAIA invited architectural practices, artists, engineers and theorists in Australia to stage 1 of ‘NOW and WHEN’ , a visual speculation on the future of major cities of Australia. The intention was to produce imagery that depicted visions or predictions for Australia’s major cities. Predictions by some included water levels rising to unusually high levels (environmental changes) to lunar/space inhabitation.

Our approach used CSIRO research into “wealth from the oceans” to predict and to forecast a technological ‘golden age’ due to a sudden source of wealth & new discoveries in material transformation. This as the bases for change allowed us rethink existing urban conditions & living norms.

The changes that we believed could come from this line of thinking was the fusion of the natural and built environment through induced evolution of natural materials/systems. Using major (Australian) cities as examples- we envisioned the possibilities in 4 images. The design responses in some cases are to counter negative environmental predictions, others are simply ways improve life in cities by rethinking our needs in a world where we have the means to reshape & transform material and control their life cycles .

Project team; Esan Rahmani + Ashley Dennis.
Image copyrights; Google maps (original images) + Esan Rahmani, + special thanks to Alisa Andrasek -Biothing (for opensource script flower generator – image 1).
Project type; Urban, Theoretical.

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