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Eliza Apartments at TonyOwen Partners

Currently consulting on Eliza apartments by Tony Owen Partners. Working towards a resloved facade panelling system that is as sensual as the original design, but one that beaks down the complexity of the organic form into understandable/constructible geometry. This break down means that instead of 13 different organic forms there are now only 6, all of which have common parts (1m square panels, and some common curved panels).

More images of the project…

Architect: Tony Owen
Project team: Michael Civovic, Esan Rahmani, Paul Demaine, Angela Selke, Andres Caceres, Diana Quintero Saul.
Engineers: Inhabit: Bruce Wymond, Ryan Hannam, Steven Lu.
Stone Facade Manufacturing/Installation: Stoneplus 3 Dimensionally curved stone
Curved Aluminium Facade and all window fabrication: Micos
Client: Ceerose

Renderings by Bryan An

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