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Cleveland Lakefront Station Competition

The existing architectural expressions on either side of the tracks are conflicting. On the city side the formal expression is of  Neo- Classical style while on the harbour side there are contrasting large scale modernist white buildings that formally utilise primary/platonic geometrical expression. The challenge was therefore to design a station that also bridged the two sides and unifies the contrasting urban spaces and forms. The initial design move was to extend the green strip (mall) that previously came to an abrupt end, where now it continues and spills over the tracks connecting to the harbour side of the tracks.This creates a green space that allows easy pedestrian access which did not exist.

Below the green surface and above the transit stations is a single level for administration facilities, shops and amenities. Circular cutouts in the surface allow maximum light penetration down to the administration offices and waiting areas. These cutouts also give easy access down to the platforms at multiple point (with ramps).  The strongest formal link are the large multi-purposed umbrellas, the provide shelter to the ramp connections (entry points to the platforms) below them, the are lit at night and are water harvesting elements.

Project status: Proposal
Project team: Esan Rahmani + Ashley Dennis

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